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Your brain knows how important your tongue is – a large part of your brain is dedicated to working your mouth, in eating, talking, breathing, and of course, in sex.

When you learn to use your tongue effectively in lovemaking, your lover will respond, and when you have a fun and titillating conversation about what tongue techniques are most enjoyable, you can refine your tongue movements to maximize pleasure and heighten arousal. Slow or quick, broad or pointy, up and down, side-to-side or in circles, and which of these dynamics mixed with which others and when, make for good oral sex.

Whether you apply your tongue to another tongue, a nipple, a penis, a clit or any erogenous area, communicate and negotiate elegantly. We can’t feel what our partner feels, and you need to get feedback and shape your approach to fit with your lover’s definition of ecstasy. That’s what leads to great sex – coming together around your formula for fun and fulfillment, Triple F.


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