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Years ago, you had to buy sex toys, known as “marital aids,” in dingy bookstores or party spots like Vegas. But adult stores have come out of the shadows, and sexual playthings are a few clicks away.

Sex toys may be large or small, depending on what you like to do with them. Dildos and vibrators are usually shaped like the genitalia of choice, so with or without a lover, you can create tremendous pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy. Some vibrate or spin, some come in a variety of textures and colors, something for everybody.

Some applications are obvious, like nips, clits, dicks and butts, but every bit of skin and every angle is fair game – you may discover erogenous zones you didn’t even know you had, a gift that keeps on giving.

Have some touchy feely fun with your lover, or by yourself – that’s why they call them toys, they’re fun to play with.


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