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Some people enjoy a fetish known as “wet and messy” – they are aroused by having substances poured on them, or pouring such substances onto others. When these substances are edible, most people call it “sploshing” – putting food on your lover, or having food on you. Most of us have seen whipped cream applied to a naked body, and this is like that, only bigger, freer and more extreme.

Covering a naked body in honey, chocolate sauce or berries can be quite erotic, and eating such treats off your lover’s body can be very exciting. Some prefer savory foods like sushi, even soup or pasta, as long as they aren’t too hot.

If this appeals to you, talk to your lover, and if he or she is amenable, make plans to experiment. Visit sploshing websites and learn from other, more experienced fetishists.

Sploshing may not be for everybody, but for those who enjoy it, it’s yummy.


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