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Since everyone has a smart phone, it was only a matter of time before users started sending and receiving racy, suggestive texts, a practice known as “sexting.” This can be a highly erotic exchange between consenting adults, but there are some guidelines.

First, be smart. Don’t sext while driving. Don’t sext with people you don’t know – there are too many land mines. Avoid lewd pictures unless you really trust the other person. Drunk sexting can be dangerous. Remember, bad sexting is like bad lovemaking – ‘nuf said.

But on, “Men, Women and Children” screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson says, “To sext is… to meet your partner in a portable erotic classroom… (to) communicate your needs and desires — so by the time you’re in bed together, you know each other’s deepest fantasies.”

Be playful, but respectful and safe, and this modern form of love letters can add a frisky and edgy dimension to your lovemaking.


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