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When I was a lot younger, I thought sleeping with a woman in her sixties would be gross – but now that I do it, I can tell you, it’s awesome!

Intimate relationships change and mature over time – it reminds me of the old horse and the young horse standing on the hilltop, looking over a field full of fillies. The young horse says, “Hey Pop, let’s run down there and have our way with a couple of those girls!”
And the old horse retorted, “Why don’t we walk down and have our way with all of them?”

Research says women remain orgasmic into their nineties, and men who use it are less likely to lose it. Just define what you want, what you can do, and work around limitations, like health, endurance, effects of medications and so on.

Sex is great at any age, so keep evolving – it’s what great lovers do.


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