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The word “masturbation” conjures up images of schoolboys squinting at girly magazines or foxy teens spread-eagled for webcams, but when you look at masturbation as “making love alone,” it takes on a broader significance.

There are many toys and devices that help people make love alone – vibrators, gloves and sleeves can enhance the experience. But many just use their natural sex toys, their hands, to get their rocks off.

In fact, self-pleasuring can be some of the most satisfying – you know exactly what you like, and can go right to the spot and do what feels best. This helps you train your lover to understand your patterns, and is part of your directions to ecstasy – such communication makes lovemaking better. And if you don’t currently have a lover, you’ll be better prepared for when you do. Plus, it’s fun.

Touch yourself in the ways you like – it contributes to your sexual wellness.


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