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Kissing is one of the most intimate encounters possible. Even experienced sex workers, who don’t have many taboos in the bedroom, often won’t kiss except in specific circumstances. But how can you be sure you’re doing a good job kissing?

Your partner will give you cues and subtle or not-so-subtle feedback. Experiment with soft kisses, hard kisses, dry kisses, wet kisses, and explore together what seems to be most thrilling and enjoyable.

Often different kissing fits different situations – be sensitive to each other’s kissing rhythms and you’ll have more success and more fun.

The best way to kiss is the way your partner likes best. Get a thick skin and tell your partner that you want to be the best kisser possible, and he or she should let you know what he or she likes best, doesn’t like as much, and so on. The little bit of discomfort in the conversation provides months and years of great kissing. It’s worth it!


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