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Once, anything but a relationship between a straight woman and a straight man was considered odd or even taboo. But modern culture has evolved to understand that sexuality is highly personal, and the way to sexual wellness varies among consenting adults.

You’ve probably heard the initials “LGBTQ,” short for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning. The movement toward sexual freedom is beating the pushback, and more people are discovering themselves sexually, in same-sex relationships, loving both men and women, people whose physical bodies don’t match their gender identities, and those with their own unique nuances.

There has always been discrimination, but historically, as each group is assimilated, the biases diminish and acceptance and love can grow. No matter your own sexual orientation, make space in your heart and your mind for those who have their own sexual path to travel – it will make you a better lover when you have more love to give.


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