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There are dozens of basic sex positions and hundreds of variations, but only you and your lover know which are most pleasurable. So, talk to each other about what feels great, what feels awkward, or what needs a little adjustment to make it better.

This kind of conversation is better before or after the intimate encounter – get the rules and details worked out to avoid trampling the moment. After all, sex that isn’t ideal is often still fun, even if a bit weird – only you can define your rules, so communicate the to your lover and find your favorite positions.

Missionary? Doggie style? Spooning? Cowgirl or reverse cowgirl? Knees up or legs outstretched? Lying down, sitting or standing? Which positions when? There’s no correct or incorrect, only your preferences matter.

Look up the Kama Sutra or another sex manual, and explore sex positions – it’s fresh, it’s fun, and it can be very fulfilling.


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