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You have a right to love the lover you love, without regard to cultural perceptions.  We are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, as long as it doesn’t impose on someone else, and people are awakening to the nuances of their sexuality.

For some, this means a longtime taboo on same-sex experiences has softened, opening a door for those who are bi-curious. This interesting term means someone who is heterosexual, but is curious or open to having a same-sex encounter or relationship.

Men and women who find themselves also attracted to individuals of their own gender have more opportunity than ever to explore this side of their sexuality. Obviously, follow the rules of any relationship you are already enjoying, but it’s hard and potentially harmful to deny what you feel. If you can, be honest with yourself and your lover about your fantasies – they may remain fantasies, which is often exciting enough, though under some circumstances they may actually come to fruition.

Investigate and discover your sexuality – you should do what it takes to have great sex, by your definition, as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody.


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