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Most people don’t talk about sexual fitness, but we do – you can tune your body for more pleasure, better orgasms, and more endurance, by learning a few simple exercises you can do anywhere, anytime.

The muscles of the pelvic floor are critical to great sex for both genders, so learning to strengthen and control those muscles will lead to great sex.

Squeezing your muscles tightly and releasing them is generally good exercise, but when you’re talking about your sex muscles, it’s essential. Imagine that you have to pee and you aren’t near a bathroom – the muscles you tighten to keep from wetting yourself are the same muscles that help you have better orgasms.

If you practice tightening your bottom muscles, what childbirth instructors call “Kegels,” keeping them tense for twenty or thirty seconds and then releasing them, a few minutes a few times a day, you will be delighted with the results – men will improve performance, and women will find themselves enjoying the sensations more than ever.


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