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Getting good with your hands is a necessary skill for great lovers, and when you assemble your touching into a stimulating and arousing sequence of movements, it’s called “erotic massage.”

Defining what your lover enjoys is critical in a successful erotic massage – for some, long broad strokes are centering and build response potential – for others, such relaxing motions are comforting but not exciting. For some, feather light contact awakens nerve endings and engorges erectile tissue, while for others, light touches are irritating and annoying.

And sometimes, these two people are in bed together, and can’t figure out why it doesn’t go well – they need to get on the same page and use the erotic massage approach that works for their lover, and communicate to get the same privilege in return.

Compare notes on what makes a great erotic massage – it will surely lead to more intimacy, and often, to great sex.


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