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The intimate encounter brings out both our inner desires and our outer defense mechanisms – and that’s why great lovers learn to give themselves to the sexual moment, and invite their partners to do the same. That presence ensures authenticity, and leads to honest connection and great sex.

But what if the unexpected occurs? Have you or your lover ever farted during sex?  What do you do then?

Common sense suggests ignoring it, and you can try that to see if it works, but from personal experience I can tell you that typically leads to inopportune uncontrollable laughter a minute or two later, usually not aphrodisiac in nature.

Better, acknowledge it briefly, with a grunt or a neutral comment, and that addresses it. It really isn’t any big deal, but you need to have a strategy to default to if it happens. Our bodies make noises, and when it happens during sex, either celebrate it or get past it without unnecessary distraction.


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