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Is there a more magnificent creation than the female breast? Big ones, small ones, round ones, pointy ones, all gorgeous in their own way.

And the crowning achievement? That marvelous peak, the culmination of all that is titty, the nipple.

The nipple has gotten a lot of attention with the “Free the Nipple” movement, of which I am a big supporter. Let those little beauties out to see the light of day, and let’s enjoy the subtle and infinite perfection in each individual expression. Why is cleavage down to the navel acceptable, but even a glimpse of that precious areola is out of bounds? Let’s transcend that dogma and free the nipple, as each owner sees fit.

When a woman has the self esteem to bare her breast, don’t stare like a horny school boy – act like you’ve been there. Remember, you are part of a paradigm shift that will climax in sexual wellness.


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