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A couple of years ago we took a delightful course in Tantric Sex from a couple of wonderful instructors, Steve and Lokita Carter. I took these excerpts about Tantra from their website,

One of the ideas in tantric sex is to stay relaxed in high states of arousal. Tantric sex is all about intention, attitude and being present. Sensational tantric sex is about the journey rather than seeking to get to a certain goal.

The breath can connect us in ways nothing else can. Become aware of your own breathing, and harmonize it with your partner’s. To intensify sexual energy, breathe faster and deeper. To draw back from a genital orgasm, breathe shallower and slower.

In tantric sex we consciously send the energy into our whole body to prolong the sexual experience and transform the pure lust and pleasure into a spiritual experience.”

These are great practical ideas – try them and see for yourself.


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