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Our culture is obsessed with breasts. We adore them, we fear them, we exhaust our senses on them, and our imaginations dictate the relationship we develop with them.

But breast-owners have preferences on how their breasts should be handled, and if you want great sex, your lover defines that. Some like to be squeezed hard, and if you don’t do that, it feels too wimpy. Others like gentle touching or teasing, and if you don’t do that, you’re being a ham-handed ruffian.

The irony is, this might be the same technique on the part of the fondler – how hard or soft it is in the boob of the beholder.

So, talk about your depth of squeeze, grasp, rhythm, using palms or fingertips, nipple technique, integrating your mouth – breasts are magnificent, and it’s worth it to get good at handling them, and if you have them, to communicate how you want them treated. You and your lover will surely appreciate the effort.


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