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Did I tell you about the worst blowjob I ever had? It was good! But for many men and women, the discussion of what makes great oral sex is left to chance, and followers of The Great Sex Blog know that we’re better off comparing notes and coming to mutually satisfying conclusions.

So, some men like it gentle, some like it firm. Some women like to get as much in there as possible, others like to nibble and lick around the edges.

These are all effective practices, but the question is, who likes what and when?

Talking about what turns you on and what doesn’t will go a long way toward making your oral sex what you want it to be. Be brave enough to say, “ooh, just like that,” or “I love it when you go really easy and then pick up speed,” or whatever your personal preference.

The mouth is for more than sucking – it’s good for conversation, too.


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