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If you want to have great sex, you’ll need to remember that foreplay never ends. Nuzzling and kissing and teasing and rubbing are lovely when you finally do land in bed, but along the way, everything you do either says “tonight’s lovemaking is going to be great” or it doesn’t – and unfortunately, we unconsciously keep score.

Those of us who are consistently nice to each other, compliment and engage each other in every way possible create a feeling of sexiness, attraction and love. A loving touch, held hand or playfully squeezed shoulder or butt at the right moment can set the stage for good loving.

I often answer my wife’s phone call with “World’s sexiest and most beautiful woman?” I know it’s over the top and goofy, but I really feel that way, and she can tell.

Everything you do either leads to great sex or it doesn’t. Foreplay never ends.


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